Providing 360 kinds of learning programs organized by types (manaegement functions, position level, skills) throughout the year

Human Resources Development

Hosting over 30 kinds of highly professional BtoB exhibitions and 12 kinds of technical conference for developing industries and technologies

Exhibitions / R&D and technical training programs & symposiums

Conducting third-party certification including ISO certification which leads to enhancement of management quality

ISO Audits & Registration

Dedicated to various researches to contribute to enhancement of management innovation and manufacturing

Research & Development

Measures Against Novel Coronavirus Infection at Trade Shows Organized by Japan Management Association faq The safety measures of JMA F2F open seminars

Supporting corporate management innovation and leading sound development of various industries

JMA provides management related activities (survey, research, information collection and publication), human resources development, and technological development across all the industries to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy, and the improvement of the quality of life thus encouraging the growth of the global society.

Our Activities

Human Resources

Exhibitions / R&D and technical training programs & symposiums

ISO Audits &

Research &

Global Activities

With a keyword "Asia Co-Evolution", we assist client companies in expanding their business, solving management issues, and developing human resources in Asia. Our professional exhibitions bring worldwide business players lucrative business opportunities in Asia.

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